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Two years ago, an RICS report highlighted that 73% of surveyors believed that lack of Business Information Modelling (BIM) will “seriously hinder” UK construction. The survey also highlighted that of those not currently using BIM within their organisation, 68% of respondents thought that there wasn’t…
Why do some projects succeed and others fail despite having equally qualified people? A challenging question, but one that is often not considered, as many look to individuals to apportion blame and fail to establish the root cause. Workplace Psychologist Jackie Casey, Managing Director of…
The annual RICS BIM Conference returns once again on 6 June 2017 bringing together those leading the way in the BIM arena.
Jason Ruddle, Chief Operating Officer at Elecosoft, considers how the pressures on construction contractors bidding for housing contracts may be impacted in 2017 by recent policy announcements.
Abet Laminati is delighted to announce that, as part of its ongoing drive to ensure ease of specification, Building Information Modelling (BIM) is now available across its core ranges in the UK.
On a project to deliver the 34,854ft² flagship state-of-the-art Sheffield and Rotherham custody suite for South Yorkshire Police, it’s ironic that the key to its success was an open door policy between the project partners.
Building Information Modelling (BIM) is helping to revolutionise the construction industry by providing a seamless way for teams to work together on a building project from beginning to end, and even once it’s complete. Logan Colbeck, Sales Strategy Leader at Honeywell, explains more.
Local government can reduce lifetime facilities and asset management costs by making smart use of BIM, according to Michael McCullen who is Chairman of Sitedesk, an innovative and dynamic software and services business specialising in collaborative BIM solutions.
Ahead of the government’s requirements for all submissions for public building contracts to use Building Information Modelling (BIM), Q-railing’s Easy Glass® systems are now available as BIM objects. They can be downloaded from the Q-railing website: www.q-railing.com.

Behind in BIM

Why is the building service sector lagging behind in BIM? Steve Hunt, Managing Director of building services engineering consultancy, Steven Hunt & Associates, explains more.
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