Mar 25, 2019 Last Updated 1:03 PM, Mar 22, 2019
Offsite Solutions, the UK’s leading bathroom pod manufacturer, has announced how it can help construction clients and contractors mitigate some of the economic uncertainty around Brexit.
Although the public sector is regularly involved in a vast number of construction projects; whether it is refurbishing or developing new schools, housing or civic buildings, there is still a regrettable unawareness of the Construction Design & Management (CDM) regulations 2015, leaving councils and their…
The importance of fire safety has been at the forefront of the public’s and industry’s consciousness following the devastating Grenfell Tower tragedy. The Hackitt review, as well as the enhanced media scrutiny on the subject, has rightly resulted in a far more comprehensive assessment of…
As the construction industry continues to come under new pressure to deliver incredibly complex road improvement projects within limited budgets and timeframes, innovation has a major role to play in driving efficiencies, improving safety and ensuring delivery. Nowhere was this more prevalent than in the…
Many within the Building Information Modelling (BIM) community believe that without the strong backing of Government, this technology-based construction methodology would not see the level of visibility and general acceptance that it now enjoys. The Government’s 2016 BIM mandate galvanised the industry’s efforts to embrace…
Paul Lang, Chief Executive Officer of Caledonian, looks at the evolution of modular buildings and how off-site construction can help to alleviate the housing crisis in the UK.
The construction industry is brimming with projects, products, innovations, debates and regulations, and keeping up is challenging.
Simon Cross, Director of SiteSmart at BRE and a member of the Construction Leadership Council (CLC), says increasing productivity – now more than ever as we lead up to Brexit – should be the sector’s number-one priority this year.
It has been announced that Carillion has been placed into Compulsory Liquidation also known as a Compulsory Winding Up (CWU). Normally, the insolvency of a giant corporation such as this is via an administration so what is different here? Here Philip Cake, Manager at Gibson…
Technological innovation has dramatically altered methods and practices utilised by construction firms in recent years. The University of Essex training centre site is a prime example of modern building techniques improving efficiency through off-site construction, early design integration, coordination and engagement.
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