Dec 18, 2017 Last Updated 9:38 AM, Nov 30, 2017
James King, Sales Director of Sprue Safety Products, reflects on what measures can be implemented to best protect older residents from the risks of fire and carbon monoxide.
John Houlden, Procurement and Projects Lawyer at Burges Salmon, discusses what is a balanced scorecard and how it is to be used.
Tom Shaw, Director at Ramboll, asks: could clever engineering solve the lack of housing stock currently available in the UK?
John Houlden, procurement and projects specialist at law firm, Burges Salmon, discusses Brexit, Article 50 and procurement law.
Oscar Sorabjee, Commercial Director of the new local authority division of educational play services business Playforce, expounds on how councils, even in their current cash-strapped state, need to nurture the souls of their citizens by investing in their current and future wellbeing for the good…
Mark Gibbs, Technical Director for Alumasc Facade Systems and designer of the company’s new Alumasc Ventilated System (AVS), shares his views on the challenges of hitting Government housing targets.
Martin Peat, Director of Richardson & Peat, explains how good design can support the inclusion of autistic children in mainstream schools.
Hardly a day goes by right now without housing hitting the headlines. Whether it is the shortage of new homes and skilled labour to build them, soaring rents and sales prices, or the latest twist and turn of government policy, the h-word is constantly in…

Regenerating Vineburgh

  • Dec 18, 2017
  • Published in Housing
The Scottish Government has boosted housing supply budgets by investing £1.7b in affordable housing since 2009. Through its partners in councils and housing associations, it has now delivered more than 21,000 new affordable homes.

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