Feb 21, 2019 Last Updated 2:53 PM, Feb 5, 2019
As the construction industry continues to come under new pressure to deliver incredibly complex road improvement projects within limited budgets and timeframes, innovation has a major role to play in driving efficiencies, improving safety and ensuring delivery. Nowhere was this more prevalent than in the…
Many within the Building Information Modelling (BIM) community believe that without the strong backing of Government, this technology-based construction methodology would not see the level of visibility and general acceptance that it now enjoys. The Government’s 2016 BIM mandate galvanised the industry’s efforts to embrace…
Leisure Industry Week ended 2016 with a second consecutive year of consolidation, 8173 visitors representing a 2% increase, under the stewardship of Nick Orton and his hugely successful BodyPower team.
The Grenfell Tower tragedy should represent a wake-up call for the construction industry, says Niall Rowan, Chief Operating Officer at the Association for Specialist Fire Protection.

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