Sep 20, 2017 Last Updated 11:00 PM, Sep 10, 2017
Leisure Industry Week ended 2016 with a second consecutive year of consolidation, 8173 visitors representing a 2% increase, under the stewardship of Nick Orton and his hugely successful BodyPower team.
With their expansive swimming pools, luxury spas and state-of-the-art gyms, leisure centres now offer an increasingly wide range of facilities. But as the services become more technologically advanced, leisure centres face a growing need to address their energy efficiency. Chris Meir, Sales Director at Remeha,…
Leading property, construction and infrastructure consultancy, Pick Everard, has won a regional accolade for its work on delivering a brand-new leisure centre in Workington, Cumbria.
UK leisure destinations are increasingly looking for innovative ways to improve their facilities for their visitors, whether it is a new and exciting ride at a theme park, new or upgraded facilities at caravan parks, or a new family attraction at a leisure park. However…
Timberplay explains how play is being used to differentiate farm attractions in a competitive market.
The Sunderland community now has access to an exceptional leisure facility, Washington Leisure Centre, with curtain walling from Reynaers, a leading provider of aluminium glazing systems.
Fencing can be the differentiator with new leisure sites, especially if specifiers engage manufacturers in their aspirations and plans for their facilities early and get specific about what they want to achieve, says Mo Ali.
Lilly Elbra, Marketing Manager for Timberplay, discusses the increased demand for play equipment catered towards teenagers in our society.
Kevin Cox, Managing Director of Energys Group, explains why LED lighting is so essential in sporting venues.
Sports facilities are evolving; from destinations for the select and passionate few, to community facilities with universal appeal. Tom Drew, Head of Sports Development at LK2, which specialises in sports and leisure development and architecture, discusses how these facilities are changing and the role that…
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