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Creating stronger communities

  • Oct 15, 2018
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With over 55,000 homes, Peabody is one of the largest housing providers in London and the South East. It delivers services to 111,000 residents, 8000 care and support customers and the wider communities in which it works.
The Association of Play Industries (API) has released a new alarming report focusing on the decline of playground provisions from across the nation. Here, the API reveals the findings.
East Yorkshire’s newest family attraction, William’s Den, is enjoying a very busy first season, and it’s not hard to see why with such exceptional play facilities.
Timberplay explains how play is being used to differentiate farm attractions in a competitive market.
When it comes to our children’s health and wellbeing, are we planning to fail? That’s the question API’s Chair, Mark Hardy, put to visitors at SALTEX at the end of last year in a seminar called Play & Physical Activity – the Five Ps.
Watch out, there’s a shark about and it’s residing in the Shoreham area of Sussex. Taking centre stage on a totally revamped play area at Fishersgate Rec, this eye-catching Wicksteed-designed shark’s head climber is really causing a bit of a stir.
Oscar Sorabjee, Commercial Director of the new local authority division of educational play services business Playforce, expounds on how councils, even in their current cash-strapped state, need to nurture the souls of their citizens by investing in their current and future wellbeing for the good…
PlayBoard NI recently hosted a conference called ‘Playing Out – How can the public realm support better outcomes for children’s holistic development’. SLR Consulting’s Paul McTernan, who leads the company’s masterplanning and regeneration team, was one of those speakers who set out the challenge to…
UK families are concerned that their children may soon have nowhere to play and implore the government to address the situation urgently. That's according to early findings of new research by the Association of Play Industries which shows over half of parents are unhappy about…
Treasuring outdoor public spaces and being able to enhance those areas to provide innovative and exciting play facilities offering challenging and engaging equipment is all part of Wicksteed’s unparalleled service.
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