Oct 18, 2018 Last Updated 10:41 AM, Oct 15, 2018
It is common knowledge that Britain’s towns and cities are having to accommodate more urban residents, workers and commuters, therefore the spaces they occupy will have to adapt, becoming smaller, going higher – or both.
Jonathan Goss, Managing Director of Townscape, talks about the launch of graphic concrete in the UK and the role it can play in transforming the perceptions of concrete.
Parking is a persistent problem for both the public and private sectors – and the problem presents itself in two ways. Firstly, there isn’t enough space for cars and bicycles. And secondly, the parking costs are deterring visitors. Jason Devenish, Business Development Manager at Bellsure,…
Marshalls has supplied coordinated street furniture items to Wallscourt Farm Academy, a purpose-built learning environment in Bristol.
Accessibility is a key concern in Richmond Council’s major regeneration of Twickenham town centre. Lawrence Bowen from contractor FM Conway explains how intelligent design and smart use of street furniture has made the brand new town centre welcoming to all.
Marshalls, the UK’s leading hard landscaping manufacturer, has announced that it will be bringing together all of its street furniture products and specialist businesses into a singular brand offering.

Pacing the public

Paul Collings, Managing Director from Timberplay discusses the role of street furniture in creating more cohesive community hubs.
Marshalls Cycling and Street Furniture expert Violeta Diamanti discusses how good planning, design and product choice must be combined to create useable cycling infrastructures within our town and city centres.
Modern, award winning designs, that will not splinter, crack or rot, include the Canvas 30 degree bench that can also be positioned in a semi circle layout to create an outdoor learning area.
If you are attending Ecobuild this year you will be unable to miss Timberplay who were invited to show playful products throughout the exhibition. In addition their own stand (S1409), Timberplay were asked to take over a large area at the entrance to the show…
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