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Pioneering approach to care in mental health facility's refurbishment

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Capio Nightingale Hospital, London's leading independent mental health hospital has recently unveiled its newly-designed and refurbished facilities, providing an exemplary high-quality environment for its patients.


The £3m refurbishment is the culmination of the hospital’s commitment to deliver patient-centered care, whereby the environs of the hospital complement and support the high-level care provided by Capio Nightingale Hospital. The hospital carefully selected designers, contractors and furnishers that could deliver on this brief and uphold the quality required for this project, providing a modern environment to complement the high level treatment programmes provided by the hospital.

The hospital has completely redesigned its therapy rooms to include comfortable private therapy and consulting rooms and modern group and family therapy facilities. The new interiors provide a caring environment where patients feel safe to heal and recover with a carefully selected colour scheme to expedite patients’ recovery. Green, which promotes balance, personal development and self-acceptance, and blue, for its healing and mentally relaxing properties have been chosen for the bedrooms and therapy rooms. In addition purple, a colour considered liberating and freeing, has been used in shared spaces through the hospital.

Expert opinion

Capio Nightingale Hospital believes that the quality of care can be supported by a patient’s surroundings; inpatients can now recuperate in their own newly-designed and decorated private en-suite bedrooms to ensure maximum comfort and discretion.

The inpatient facilities are now more akin to contemporary hotel rooms and amenities, with kitchens, lounges and reading rooms available to enable time with friends and family, socialising with other patients or quiet time.

A number of specialist contractors and designers were selected for the refurbishment to bring their expertise in healthcare and other relevant sectors. Koubou Interiors, which works across the residential, commercial and healthcare sectors, was commissioned for the initial design concepts.

Design direction

The design team at Koubou worked closely with the hospital to facilitate a thorough understanding of the brief with which they were able to produce a design direction and develop a refined concept. This work included the selection of sample materials, colours, layouts and visuals and the drawing up of a set of working drawing which could be issued to the contractors for implementation. Luke Rose Architects were the design and project management team and Anna Thomas delivered the creative interiors.

Following this conceptual work MRF Design was selected to supply the design for the range of bespoke furniture for the refurbishment. With experience across the hotel, leisure & hospitality and education & healthcare sectors MRF was the perfect choice for the hospital’s pioneering approach to care and design. MRF supplied the furniture for the bedroom, lounge, kitchen and dining room seatings and communal and therapy areas. MRF Design delivered furniture direct to the hospital over a phased five month installation programme.

This is the culmination of work undergone by the hospital to provide the most up-to-date care and facilities in the sector. The hospital is pioneering a patient-centred approach to care, empowering patients to exercise genuine choice in the care they receive. This has seen the hospital expand its portfolio of healthcare programmes over recent years. In response to demand, the hospital has designed new treatment programmes to reflect the pressures that changing lifestyles are placing on mental health; increasing use of technology, stress at work, rising levels of obesity all require specific new treatment therapies.

The hospital has been working to design and develop the right environment to deliver the best possible care to their patients. The refurbishment enables the physical environment of the hospital to complement these programmes. Capio Nightingale Hospital prides itself on providing the best possible care environment at a time when more and more people are seeking private mental health support.

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