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Evinox talks readers through the heating system at London City Island

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A new neighbourhood on the Leamouth Peninsula by Canary Wharf, London City Island – phase one completed by Ballymore and phase two to be delivered by EcoWorld Ballymore – is designed to be a mixed-tenure ‘mini Manhattan’ and is home to 1700 new apartments, stunning al fresco spaces, vibrant new bars and restaurants, boutique shops and waterside parks.


This unique new 12-acre island neighbourhood features a brand-new footbridge bringing Crossrail and DLR transport links to within a short stroll away, and will become one of London’s most exciting and inspirational places to live. With a focus on energy efficiency and aiming to reduce the environmental impact of the development, City Island features a district heating system, which supplies residents with thermal energy for heating and production of domestic hot water. Evinox Energy is working with EcoWorld Ballymore and Clarion Housing Group on this outstanding development, which has recently been awarded 'Best New Place to Live' at the London Planning Awards 2017. The company is supplying heat interface units, and ENE3 room controllers for the apartments connected to the district heating network, and also metering and billing services for the social housing apartments. Prepayment for heating and hot water

In a world of smart technology, the availability of a range of payment options for heating and hot water is a basic requirement. The choice of payment method is often only decided after the system has been installed and residents have taken occupancy.

Evinox Energy HIUs are supplied prepayment-ready and the PaySmart prepayment function can be activated remotely at any time, making it easy to switch from a credit account to a pay-as-you-go setup at any time. This significantly reduces network management cost and complexity and increases end-user satisfaction.

The 104 social housing apartments at London City Island are managed by Clarion Housing Group, and all are taking advantage of the PaySmart prepayment system. Residents can purchase their energy online using Evinox Energy’s residents' website 24-hours a day, at a local Payzone outlet, by monthly direct debit or standing order, using the company’s web app on a smartphone or tablet any time or over the telephone.

Metering and Billing Regulations

With the introduction of the Heat Network (Metering and Billing) Regulations for district and communal heating systems, housing associations must ensure meters are installed in each dwelling to accurately measure energy use for residents. Prior to these regulations, it was commonplace for residents to pay a flat rate for heating and hot water, which was not based on usage but just divided equally by all dwellings. The purpose of the regulations is to allow users of heating, cooling and hot water supplies to be aware of the level of their consumption. The regulations apply where a payment is made for the supply of heating/cooling.

Evinox Energy’s PaySmart prepayment system is a simple solution to meet the regulations for the London City Island social housing. The technology is in-built in each ModuSat heat interface unit (HIU). Not only is the technology integrated, it can also be activated remotely at any time, providing a flexible billing approach.

Credit towards Code for Sustainable Homes

Each home also features an Evinox ViewSmart ENE3 controller, which can display all of the information required to gain credits for the Code for Sustainable Homes standard. This includes historical consumption data in a graphical format to enable residents to view information about their usage and compare different periods. This provides several benefits to housing associations and developers; primarily it removes the requirement to install a separate energy display device to gain credits towards the Code for Sustainable Homes standard.

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