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Public fitness facilities to promote active lifestyles

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Figures clearly indicate that leading a fit and healthy lifestyle from a young age encourages a lifelong participation in physical activity. Regular exercise, particularly that taken outdoors, can dramatically boost the chances of healthy ageing even if the participant is already middle-aged before adopting such a change in lifestyle.


Wicksteed Playgrounds has been designing, manufacturing, installing and maintaining playgrounds since 1918 and offers the widest range of outdoor play and sports equipment in the UK. Now, the Northamptonshire based company has re-developed its outdoor fitness range with the launch of its Fitness Legacy Zone. The all-round benefits of such a facility are indisputable and also serve to demonstrate how the company is responding to new market demands by creating a thoughtfully-designed and ultra-effective product.

Keeping the nation fit, active and healthy is big on the agenda and Wicksteed’s Fitness Legacy Zone units are designed with exactly that in mind. Making physical fitness part of our daily lives and making it a commitment has never been more crucial. Sport and general physical activity in society is a positive and significant factor in keeping the nation fit, well and living longer.

Wicksteed’s Fitness Legacy Zone units offer huge benefits for everyone aged 14 or over whether experienced or complete beginners. Weight loss, strengthening and stretching of muscles and cardiovascular exercise are all covered whilst continued and regular use could also help prevent the onset of serious diseases such as dementia.

Designed and developed in conjunction with sports professionals and health and nutrition experts, the units are all extremely user-friendly. Ability is not an issue as each user can control their own pace and there are inclusive units available within the range, too. Accessibility is key and many Fitness Legacy Zones have already been installed in parks and community grounds throughout the UK and the RoI where users can enjoy the benefits they bring, for free.

Increased mobility

Lindsay Holden, Performance Nutritionist, Personal Trainer and Founder of Pure Lifestyles says: “It’s never too late to start! Exercise provides physical, mental and social benefits as well as keeping older adults mobile and independent. Participating in regular moderate physical activity can help prevent a number of chronic diseases such as heart disease, certain types of cancer, type 2 diabetes and hypertension as well as helping to prevent stroke and vascular dementia. Staying active also helps boost the immune system and in turn wards off colds and infections.

“The equipment is versatile and a combination of different units can provide a ‘whole body’ fitness programme so that cardiovascular, muscular strengthening, flexibility, coordination and balance exercises can all be carried out.”

The average adult should do at least 150 minutes a week of moderate aerobic activity or 75 minutes a week of vigorous aerobic activity as well as strength training exercises in order to make a huge improvement to their overall fitness and health. The guideline is to aim for at least 30 minutes of physical activity every day. What’s important is to make regular physical activity part or your lifestyle.

Each FLZ unit is accompanied by simple step-by-step instructions; the sequence in which to use each piece and how many repetitions should be achieved to offer a mix of cardiovascular, weight loss and core stability exercises for different body types and levels of fitness in three categories; novice, intermediate and experienced.

Additionally, using the very latest Smartphone technology, QR codes on each of the individual units can be scanned by users’ mobile devices to enable video footage of the exercise demonstrations to be viewed.

Certified to the DIN79000 Safety Standard, the FLZ provides a safe, interactive and dedicated workout zone whereby communities can keep fit together in the fresh air.

Internationally recognised

Wicksteed is also proud to announce becoming a winner of a Bronze Award for Manufacturing Company of the Year in the 11th Annual ‘Stevies’ where the FLZ range has been internationally recognised and rewarded.

Stuart Wetherell, Wicksteed’s Sales Director, commented: “It is a great privilege to be a winner among this group of highly individual and innovative companies and serves to reinforce the high quality and standard of our Fitness Legacy Zone products which we already know to exist. External recognition for exceptional excellence in our market is always most valuable.”

Having won previous awards over the years for categories ranging from Customer Service to Environmental policy, Wicksteed is delighted to add another one to the crop. With other shortlisted companies from across the globe covering businesses as diverse as technology, robotics and skincare, Wicksteed is proud to be rubbing shoulders alongside such widely represented finalists.

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