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The future's bright

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In public buildings, the interior design and level of specification will have a profound effect on the user's experience. Contemporary white surfaces denote clean, professional environments and are therefore being increasingly specified and introduced for both new builds and refurbishments.


Hospitals and schools are among the key public sector buildings that need to ensure their surfaces are in tiptop condition. In classrooms, for instance, acoustics play a major part in learning quality. Any outdoor disturbances or poor sound absorption will, without doubt, hinder pupils’ attention and interfere with performance levels.

Meanwhile in hospitals, the appearance of dull, unclean surfaces could regrettably be linked to the facility’s hygiene standards and ultimately could affect the patient’s perception, confidence and speed of recovery.

One sure-fire way to be guaranteed a truly white surface is to start with the ceiling. Supplier of stone wool acoustic ceiling and wall solutions, ROCKFON recently carried out extensive market research into what specifiers require from a ceiling tile. The response was unanimous – the brightest white.

This inspired ROCKFON to develop ROCKFON Blanka, as Jenny Brookes, Marketing Manager, explains: “Our engineers were on a mission to develop the whitest stone wool ceiling tile ever. Smooth whiteness is what architects want from a ceiling. Its uniform surface perfectly showcases the details and nuances of interior architecture. It sends a message of purity and elegance and immediately makes occupants feel like they’ve walked into a special place.”

ROCKFON Blanka is the company’s whitest ceiling tile available with an L value of 94.5. The tile is treated with a special super-white coating that delivers an incredibly smooth matt surface. Thanks to the outstanding level of dirt and stain resistance, the tiles can withstand everyday wear and tear, ensuring building owners a long product lifecycle and a 15-year warranty. What’s more, in achieving this bright white, ROCKFON hasn’t compromised on performance, such as the renowned acoustic and fire safety properties inherent from stone wool.

The whiteness of ROCKFON Blanka offers more than just aesthetic benefits. It improves the light reflection and light diffusion of the ceiling. With a light reflection index independently tested above 87%, ROCKFON Blanka can contribute to energy savings by using the most economical source of light: the sun.

A ceiling with the right combination of high light reflection and good light diffusion leads to a uniform and regular spread of light in a room and can minimise the need for artificial light.

For projects with tight deadlines, the installation is quick and simple. Due to the unique smooth finish of the tiles, they can be installed in any direction, saving installation time and reducing waste.

Available in many different sizes and edge details, there is no compromise between aesthetics and performance when choosing ROCKFON ceiling tiles.

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