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Protecting the door and the people who use it - Intastop launches solution based options

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Intastop, the leading manufacturer of door and wall protection products, is set to launch a revolutionary concept that will provide its customers with solutions based options rather than a product list.

Marketing Director Sarah Barsby said: “We are a company that continually strives to exceed our customer’s expectations and have identified that solution based options are far more useful to our customers than a list of products.

“Hence the impending launch of ‘Protecting the door and the people who use it’, this concept is distinctly categorised into two sections. Protecting the actual door from damage and the people who use it from getting hurt, either through entrapment or ligature risk. They cover all aspects about doors within a public building environment and provide products and solutions to address requirements.”

‘Protection of the door’ - whether it be new or retrofit, delivers many solutions to address the challenges faced by maintenance managers such as; reduction in maintenance costs, increasing the lifespan of the door and frame, retention of fire integrity and aesthetics.

‘Protecting People’ - primarily focussing on key issues such as entrapment or ligature risk, Intastop’s solutions via its range of renowned products, such as the Continuous Hinge, Double Swing Hinge, patented Door Top Alarm or Privacy Vision Panels, include; safety, reduction of ligature possibilities, increased strength and abuse resistance, privacy and access control and compliance with build regulations.

Intastop is keen to address other prevalent issues found within the industry such as sustainability and the environment, it is with that in mind that the company has increased its range to include non-PVC door protection sheet.

The sheeting is 100 per cent recyclable and is produced without any harmful chemicals (Halogen free, no PBT’s, no BPA’ making it environmentally friendly.

"The non-PVC version of our popular protection sheet is perfect for specifiers who either wish to, or are obliged to, fulfil environmental credentials when sourcing their products," commented Sarah Barsby Marketing Director Intastop Ltd. "It looks identical to our standard PVC Impact sheeting with the same impact benefits and the advantage of being environmentally friendly and has the added benefit of being easily cut to differing size and shapes.

"We recognise that there is an ever increasing requirement for environmentally friendly products both in terms of their production and their recyclable properties," continued Sarah. "We are delighted to be supporting existing and new customers by adding the non-PVC sheet as an environmental solution.’’

Intastop's non-PVC protection sheet is ideally suited to the healthcare and public sectors and can be used on walls, to clad a door, for kick / push plates, as well as bespoke projects.

Intastop has also developed a range of adhesives for the application of their full impact protection products. The range includes water based contact, hygienic cladding and spray contact adhesives. To ensure a high level finish, Intastop has a range of coloured sealants that perfectly match both the standard and non PVC impact protection sheet colours.

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