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Trespa's new naturals inspired by nature

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Trespa has announced a new range of panels with seven unique decors and finishes, allowing the architect and specifier to express their individual design creativity in new ways. Now, any building can acquire instant character with decors inspired by natural materials and processes, bringing building facades to life with a new range of cladding panels, each with a unique, timeless natural texture.

“The irregular, raw, weathered surfaces of the high quality, durable panels allow structures to stand out in any environment,” says Lucas Stevens, Design Expert at Trespa. “The new range makes it possible to add the aesthetic qualities of natural materials to any design. No matter how large or small the structure, the scalable, dimensionless designs of Trespa® Meteon® Naturals bring both accents and complete facades to life”.

The new Trespa® Meteon® Naturals showcase the next step in decor technology as they feature unique innovations. Firstly, their matt finish includes gloss elements. Secondly, the decors have metallic pigments. This combination of features creates a stunning effect on the facade: ‘When you walk around the building, each elevation will totally change with the angle of light’.

Unique Colours Inspired By Nature’s Timeless Designs

Rusted Brown creates a beautiful design inspired by corroded surfaces grown by the elements over time.
Forged Alloy provides a natural, subtle patina touching a yellow gold surface.
Corroded Green adds nuanced variations in an exciting green patina.
Sintered Alloy depicts a rough brown yellow surface resembling traces of the forces of nature.
Hardened Brown gives a strong brown surface with a touch of volcanic red.
Tempered Grey provides a bright grey design, inspired by surfaces, stained and weathered by time.
Casted Grey gives the depth in a weathered patina design on a raw dark grey surface.


“Trespa® Meteon® Naturals combine a timeless natural appearance with the solid durability associated with all Trespa® products,” explains Mr. Stevens. “The panels have been tested extensively for weather- and UV-resistance. “The surfaces are easy to clean and 3,000 hours of weather exposure simulator testing showed outstanding performance, guaranteeing the products’ longevity worldwide, which is why Trespa offers a 10-year conditional product warranty on the entire range.”

The panels are the latest extension of the popular Trespa® Meteon®range. Trespa® Meteon® is engineered for vertical exterior wall coverings such as facade cladding, balcony panelling, sunblinds and other demanding exterior applications. With a broad range of colours, finishes and tactile effects, Trespa® Meteon® brings compelling aesthetic and almost limitless design possibilities to next-generation architectural cladding.

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