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How to disguise manhole covers and drains

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There’s no escaping them - drains, manhole covers and inspection chambers appear everywhere and really spoil the look of a surface…

So, how do you hide ugly manhole covers and drains?

There are several ways to ‘pretty up’ these ugly necessities, but an increasingly popular option is to integrate them into the finish of the surface. And a super seamless finish can be achieved with resin bound paving.

SureSet can achieve this by changing the existing cover to a recessed tray and fill it with the resin bound aggregate. With this method, you can also create contrast by filling the tray with another colour or brand it with the inclusion of a logo.

Whichever you choose, it will look 100% better than the existing industrial looking cover.

Case study:

Grange Farm Centre is an eco-friendly building that provides the local community with leisure, sporting, recreational and educational facilities.

In 2011 Grange Farm benefitted from a £1.6m redevelopment project which was awarded the Green Apple Environment Award for Building and Construction, ‘Environmental Education Projects’.

As part of this project resin bound paving (not SureSet) was laid. Within three years the surface had failed, and large areas suffered such extreme stone loss that in places the asphalt base was exposed.

Possible causes of this failure could be that the resin bound material was laid too shallow, not enough resin was used or that it wasn’t strong enough for its intended use.

Because resin bound paving fits in with the environmental considerations of Grange Farm, they decided to replace the failed resin bound with a superior version.

Grange Farm contacted SureSet in April 2016 who, when visiting the site, noticed the number of drains and manhole covers. Situated in prominent places, they were a real eyesore that would spoil the seamless look that resin bound paving they were looking to create.

During the installation, SureSet replaced the covers with inset versions into which SureSet was laid – camouflaging the ugly drains and delivering a smooth accessible surface.

SureSet resin bound paving gave to Grange Farm what they should have had in the first place - a smooth, durable, accessible, attractive finish.

Key features

  • Natural Aggregate: 6mm Barley Beach
  • Application: pedestrian
  • Area: 291m²
  • Base: asphalt
  • Depth: 18mm
  • Edges: timber
  • Installed: June 2016
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