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Citi elements collection

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Marshalls are pleased to introduce Citi Elements an exciting new collection of street furniture offered in a choice of materials and finishes providing customisation at affordable prices. The multi-material design means there is a configured solution to suit almost any landscape.

Citi elements is ideal for creating sociable spaces where people can enjoy spending time outside. Within shared spaces, people like to feel safe, frequently used, visible spaces with a choice of seating can support this.

Design Inspiration behind the range follows Form meets function...meets landscape. Form meets function seeks to bring alive our love of the landscape and suggests that the shape of buildings or objects should primarily relate to its intended function or purpose. Marshalls versatile ranges such as citi elements use simple forms of shape and geometry matching multifaceted use across a variety of environments.

Making the right material choice can enhance the visual quality of a space and enrich the design. Carefully considering how appropriate each material is for its function and how it will withstand the rigours of everyday use, as well as evaluating finer details such as colour and finish will ensure visual consistency and cohesion within the landscape.

Citi Elements comprises of a seat, bench and table and is available in three slat materials to fit your budget and match your project. There is also the choice of frame colours and finishes for maximum impact. Seats and benches are available with or without armrests.


FSC® certified Softwood

• European softwood, FSC® certified
• Responsibly sourced from well-managed forests
• Helps keeps forest alive, including the people and wildlife
• Suitable for exterior use
• Occasional heartwood grain formation giving a natural, rustic appearance.

FSC® certified Hardwood

• Tropical Hardwood, FSC® certified
• Responsibly sourced from well-managed forests
• The material offers medium to high durability
• Suitable for exterior use
• Straight grain formation giving a clean, uniform look.

Plastic Lumber (100% Recycled)

• Choice of 8 colours
• Long lasting, eco-friendly
• Plastic lumber slats will not rot or degrade
• Produced from 100% recycled content diverting valuable waste from landfill
• Fully recyclable at the end of its use aims is to eradicate needless waste and build in re-use where possible.


316 Grade Stainless Steel

• 2 finishes available in brushed satin or bead blast finish
• Frames offer a long lifespan and manufactured to the highest standards
• The material will withstand the rigours of everyday urban use
• Will retain optimal appearance with only minimal maintenance.

Mild Steel Powder Coated

• 10 finishes for visual consistency & cohesion to suit the landscape
• Mild steel frames hot dip galvanised which helps to protect the steel from corrosion
• Application of polyester coat coating provides resistance to chips and abrasions
• Excellent colour retention in outdoor exposure.

Recap of the product key features…

• Affordable design where form meets function
• Materials and finishes to suit the landscape
• Seat, Bench, Table option to vary usage
• FSC® certified timber
• 100% recycled plastic
• Stainless Steel for high durability
• Mild steel in a choice of powder coat finishes.

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