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Waterproofing earth retaining walls in a barn conversion

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Conversion of a Barn to a Commercial Conference Facility Using Newton System 500.

Newton Specialist Basement Contractor Gulliver Timber Treatments were commissioned by the proprietors of Hendall Manor Conference Centre in East Sussex to design and install a robust structural waterproofing solution to one of their existing outbuildings.

The underlying conditions of the project meant that there were retaining elements to two of the elevations in the building. As such, the project required a system to be installed to deal with not only damp inherent in the building but the risk of water penetration along the retaining walls.

Methodology For Waterproofing The Retaining Walls With Newton System 500
Gulliver Timber Treatments implemented the Newton System 500 Cavity Drain Membrane System. In the first instance, Newton 508 membrane was fixed to the walls using Newton Multi-Plugs. The MultiPlug allows for battens to be fixed directly to the heads without compromising the membrane itself.

Newton Basedrain was installed around the retaining walls. Basedrain collects water directly from the joints between wall and floor joints and enables water to be safely removed from the property. This was followed by 50mm of closed cell insulation and then Newton 508 was applied to the floor area.

After this a 65mm screed was applied to the floor membrane. Once the screed was in situ, insulation and plasterboard was applied to the battens then it was skimmed and multifinish was applied.

Gulliver Timber Treatment’s application of Newton System 500 allowed for a sympathetic, quick and cost effective structural waterproofing and damp proofing system applied in one application.

The nature of the property having only two retaining elevations allowed for water entering the system to be discharged via gravity without the need for mechanical extraction.

In addition, the cavity drain membrane application required no expensive surface preperation – and quick drying out times meant the centre could be used more quickly than if a Type A solution was adopted.

“The walls were painted brickwork, so the main advantage of using Newton 508 cavity drain membrane was the speed of installation combined with the fact that there was no need for any preparation works to be done to the brickwork. The client was very impressed with this as another company were proposing to bush hammer all the walls! She was also very impressed with the finished job.” - Roger Gulliver, Gulliver Timber Treatments

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