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Norwich Council flat refurbishment

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Ronafix Pre-packed Wearing Screed 25mm+ has been used to rebuild staircases in a major refurbishment project to blocks of flats in housing estates across Norwich.

In Norwich a city-wide flat refurbishment project by Fosters Property Maintenance Ltd included replacing old and damaged pre-cast concrete staircases. The size of the project meant that two teams of contractors were employed so that work could take place on two sites at the same time. Anglian Maintenance and Bawburgh Installation were contracted by Fosters to undertake the removal of the old stairs and to fill new steel stair trays with a wearing screed.

Norwich City Council originally spoke to SIG Construction Accessories - Anglia Region about the best product for the project. SIG Construction Accessories contacted the Ronacrete technical team and arranged for a Ronacrete representative to speak directly to Norwich City Council. Samples of Ronafix Pre-packed Wearing Screed 25mm+ were used in a practical demonstration for Norwich City Council and the contractors involved.

Product and application

First the contractors removed the existing pre-cast concrete staircases and then replaced any ensuing damage to brickwork.

A steel staircase (usually three or four flights of stairs) was then erected in the empty stair well by specialist contractors.

Ronafix Pre-packed Wearing Screed 25mm+ was used to infill steel stair trays to form the treads, a brush finish was applied to the screed to aid slip resistance and a yellow aluminium nosing was then fixed to each step.

Ronafix Pre-packed Wearing Screed 25mm+ is a BBA accredited bonded, wearing screed that is pre-packed for ease of use and assurance of consistency. It is suitable for both new screeds and the repair of old screeds. It is suitable for industrial, commercial, retail and domestic use and for interior or exterior application. It can be trafficked as early as 24 hours after laying.


Ronafix Pre-packed Wearing Screed 25mm+ has been used in a major project for Norwich City Council, the product was supplied by SIG Construction Accessories, - Anglia region upon the recommendation of Ronacrete’s technical team.

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