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tesa® ACXplus – Bonding Solution for Glass Partition Walls

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Today‘s construction design utilises a variety of transparent materials, rendering crisp and clean finishes. This is especially true with the glass partition wall industry, where manufacturers are tasked with producing aesthetically pleasing yet functional wall units.

Recognizing this need, tesa has developed an innovative product group: tesa® ACXplus. This double-sided tape consists of a high performance acrylic system that can outperform conventional fastening methods like silicone or liquid glue.

tesa®’s ACXplus range is well recognised for its unique viscoelastic properties, which provide excellent stress dissipation across different substrates. Whether used on glass to glass, glass to metal applications such as aluminium or steel or with a transparent thermoplastic such as PMMA, the tapes offer a reliable result with rapid, straightforward application.

tesa® ACXplus creates an invisible bond on different substrates such as glass, polycarbonate, aluminum and many more. This product is uniquely designed for slim designs where glass-to-glass applications come into play.

tesa® ACXplus 7054, 7056 and 7058 ultra-transparent pure acrylic double-sided tapes offer invisible bonding in glass-to-glass applications like edge-to-edge bonding, securing glass panels to one another; corner attachment, bonding glass panels with a 45o angle; and T-block attachment, for room dividers.

In addition, tesa® ACXplus 7058 has recently received two industry certifications from tecnalia and ift Rosenheim acknowledging its ability to fulfil essential performance criteria in internal partitioning applications.

For applications involving high resistance materials, tesa ACXplus 7074, 7076, 7078 and 70730 foam acrylic black tape provide high adhesion on steel, laminated wood, aluminium and glass substrates, for a sleek, sophisticated finish.

In line with its commitment to tesacohesion, the company’s comprehensive programme of customer service and added value, the tesa® edge applicator has been introduced to facilitate manual processes in delivering optimal results on glass partition walls.

Once glass edges have been cleaned the tape is applied directly to the glass using the tesa® edge applicator hand tool to ensure a straight line and quick assembly.

To achieve the best results, tesa also recommends using a pressure roller during application to ensure good adhesion and to avoid air bubbles.

For a full demonstration of how to use tesa’s edge applicator visit www.tesa.co.uk/industry to see the ACXplus videos.

With its high initial tack, ability to compensate for unevenness, excellent resistance to UV, temperature, humidity and chemicals, the tesa® ACXplus family of products and accessories provides a reliable and durable bond, with a complete seal that mitigates noise and smell transfer.

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