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Powdertech Corby celebrates the beauty of metal

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Where once, powder coatings, in their primary role as metal protectors, firmly hid the underlying metal from sight, the ability to protect and at the same time celebrate the natural beauty of metal has made many more design choices available to architects, designers and fabricators.

Over recent years Powdertech Corby has developed unique ranges of powder coating materials that follow trends in style and developments in technology. Evolution™ and Anomatch™, both part of the company's 'Collections' range, make a point of using powder coatings to reflect the natural aesthetic appeal of metal itself, in addition to protecting it from corrosion and abrasion.

Anomatch™, enhances the metal with a lustrous sheen, creating an alternative finish to anodising. Anomatch™ achieves a homogenous appearance within and between batches of material and across different materials; this is very difficult to achieve with anodizing.

Evolution™, launched in March 2017, uses powders to reflect the beautiful patination effects which occur naturally through oxidation on metals if left exposed – except in this case the metal is not exposed, but protected by the powder coating.

Protecting the underlying metal and at the same time celebrating the natural beauty of metal is the objective of these powder collections. Designers can achieve stunning effects with the latest powders from Powdertech.

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