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Brooklands Museum Exhibition Takes off with Gartec

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Brooklands Museum, home of British Aviation, have refurbished an old hangar to house a new exhibition and mezzanine level, requiring a simple lift for disabled access. Minimal structural supports and no head fixing made the 7000 a clear choice.

The Challenge

Brooklands Museum, the birthplace of British motorsport and aviation, has recently completed an £8.4M project to move and refurbish a World War Two hangar, restore part of the Finishing Straight of the Race Track and build a new Flight Shed.

New exhibitions have been installed, including the Brooklands Aircraft Factory in the restored hangar, which now has a mezzanine level.

The stairs were not suitable for disabled and less mobile visitors, so the museum required a lift with:

• Minimal structural support points
• No head fixing
• Small footprint

The Installation

The lift was delivered early in the morning, and the delivery companys’ forklift took the palletised delivery across the huge aircraft hangar to the installation location.

Using a scissor lift to help with access whilst building the lift ensured the job was complete in just 2 days. Valerie commented:

“We were surprised by how quickly the team completed the installation – efficient, clean and professional”

Matthew Neal, Lead Installer and Director of NH Access Ltd, said:

“We had access to a scissor lift which resulted in a quick installation by the second day. As always I worked closely with the installation department and main contractor, Brymor Construction, to ensure a smooth installation”

The Lift

The minimal fixing points and simple system made the Aritco 7000 ideal. An L bracket would connect the lift to the stairway and floor fixings meant no top connection required – great for the high roof.

Valerie Mills, Commercial Director at Brooklands, said:

“Once features and prices were compared, the 7000 was an easy choice. Gartec provided everything needed to make an informed decision”

The Results

Now completed, the exhibition looks fantastic. The lift is tucked away and blends in well with a dark grey RAL colour to match the hangar, whilst providing a key service for customers.

Valerie, the Commercial Director, commented:

“The lift ticks all the boxes and opened up the upper space for everyone to enjoy the interactive activities and Flight Shed Exhibition”

Matthew, Director and Lead Installer, said:

“The lift will allow visitors of all abilities to access the mezzanine level for a fantastic view of the restored Wellington Bomber, and I am proud to have installed it”

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