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Transforming spaces with uplifting flora

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Making a swift transformation to a boardroom, reception area, or your own home, is as easy as opening a box, if you opt for ready-planted artificial silk flowers or plants with their own accompanying vase, planter or basket.

Interior design experts now recognise that artificial flowers, trees and plants are light-years away from those of yesteryear and indistinguishable from the real thing - other than needing no watering and very little maintenance.

Whether you know that a Phalaenopsis orchid in a lovely white bowl, or tapered red metallic Viet planter, would be the final touch on the boardroom’s side table, or have an inkling that Boxwood topiary balls in a lead-look trough would lift the atrium’s ambience, you can find your answer at www.justartificial.co.uk.

Ready-planted space brighteners come in a wide variety of receptacle – twist porcelain vases, glass cylinders, fish bowls, square dishes, ceramic and terracotta pots and pumpkin vases, to name but a few.

Other beautiful adornments like geranium or pansy hanging baskets, come planted in rattan baskets, overflowing with flowers and trailing ivy, and can be hung indoors or outdoors, to brighten any space, corporate or otherwise.

Even manly cacti displays and spider plants, and fully boxed gift ideas, are available at Just Artificial, so have a browse, particularly if you fancy winning £30 to spend in the online shop. To enter, email the price of a single Cedar Ball tree to sales@justartificial.co.uk by 15th October 2015 and one lucky winner with the correct answer will be chosen at random. You could be transforming space faster than you think!

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