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Explore Offsite in the Housing Sector

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The nation’s media has been reporting on a UK housing crisis for many months, but is there now a climate for change in the industry?

For those in the construction sector with fresh ideas and innovative technologies, this nationwide crisis has the potential to change the norm which governs the ways new homes are built.

Experts have hailed offsite construction as the only way to respond to the demand for new housing. Moving the construction of houses into factories enables the build to take place both efficiently and economically, making the national shortage of labour less of a concern.

The recent news that the Government is to release land with planning consent is an opportunity yet to be realised which will allow small developers to build without having to navigate their way through planning obstacles. Offsite construction would be ideal for such projects as the method does not depend upon environmental factors and offers a faster return on investment. The offsite method also facilitates the building of homes that are airtight, energy efficient and environmentally sustainable - a great benefit to housing associations.

A feature that has become increasingly desirable to homebuyers is that of ‘custombuild’ – allowing homebuyers to choose the inherent features of their homes. However, bespoke builds do not need to slow down the construction process. Building offsite, supported by computer aided design technologies (such as BIM), has the potential to face the challenge presented by individual design.

Explore Offsite in the Housing Sector is your opportunity to involve yourself in the industry’s new ideas and technologies. Taking place 23 & 24 March 2016, at the NEC, Birmingham, the event will be a platform for construction clients, architects, engineers and contractors to come together and pave a way forward for the industry and the housing sector.

With a outstanding line-up of industry figures confirmed to share their expertise over the two days, this combined conference and exhibition is an essential event for any professional looking to delve a little deeper into the liveliest and most promising topic in UK construction.

Speakers include:

  • Shelagh Grant - Chief Executive, Housing Forum
  • Tom Bloxham MBE - Director, Urban Splash
  • Jay Shaw MBE - Head of Business Development, Snoozebox
  • Andrew Orgorzalek - Partner, PCKO Architects
  • Jeff Endean - Housing Matters, London Borough of Lewisham
  • Stuart Carr - Director, Chapman Taylor
  • James Pickard - Director, Cartwright Pickard
  • Rory Bergin - Partner - Sustainable Futures, HTA Design
  • Rob Charlton - CEO, Space Group
  • Greg Cooper - Pre-Construction Manager, X-LAM Alliance
  • Steve Reid - Chief Technical Officer, Enviga Geothermal
  • Tony Woods - Offsite Construction Specialist, LHC
  • Jeff Maxted - Director of Technical Consultancy, BLP Insurance
  • Jerry Harkness - Regional Development Director, Circle Housing
  • Greg Cooper - Preconstruction Manager, B&K Structures
  • Andrew Waugh - Founding Director, Waugh Thistleton
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