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Rehau pipework used in iconic BBC Television Centre

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As work continues to transform the BBC’s iconic Television Centre building in White City into a vast new mixed use development featuring housing, offices, hotels and leisure facilities, REHAU heating and cooling solutions are being used extensively in many of the new apartments.

REHAU underfloor heating has already been installed in nearly 250 of the apartments by Anders Heating Company Limited, with REHAU’s Rautherm Universal PE-Xa pipework being used for the REHAU tacker system in the apartments.

In many of the corridors REHAU’s innovative CoolBoard chilled ceiling system is also providing the necessary cooling. Replacing conventional plasterboard, the CoolBoard panels feature integrated loops of REHAU’s RAUTHERM 10mm PE-Xa pipe with chilled water circulating to deliver fast responding and environmentally efficient radiant cooling.

The hot and cold domestic plumbing system that runs throughout the corridors was chosen due to the REHAU’s EVERLOC™ jointing technology, which is fast and easy to fix and guarantees no leaks. This was key to the specification; with over 850 million REHAU EVERLOC™ joints already successfully installed worldwide, the client could be totally reassured of the quality and durability.

The ‘donut’ shape of the original Norman and Dawbarn building presents many challenges for the M&E contractors working on the project because so many of the internal walls are curved. This obviously made the flexible polymer pipework a much more appropriate choice than conventional steel or copper for the distribution of the water supply.

REHAU’s technical specification team are working closely with consultants Arup on the ongoing project and with the clients Stanhope. The M&E contractors on the various stages of the project are ImTech, ESG and Piggott and Whitfield.

Work began on site in May 2016 and the whole redevelopment is scheduled for completion in 2020.

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