Mar 26, 2019 Last Updated 1:03 PM, Mar 22, 2019

Swegon ACTIONPAC Damper Control System is boost for fire safety

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Swegon has responded to growing demand from building operators and emergency services for more flexible operation and testing of fire and smoke dampers by significantly upgrading its controls packages.

The company has updated its ACTIONPAC LNS5 system and is working directly with consulting engineers and contractors to provide specific fire and smoke control design expertise. There are cheaper solutions available, but they do not offer the flexible and sophisticated operation built into the ACTIONPAC LNS5 system. More basic approaches simply shut every damper in a building in the event of a fire, but the ACTIONPAC LNS5 offers control of each damper so allowing for a more strategic and targeted approach for fire compartmentalisation, pressurisation and smoke extraction.

“There is growing awareness across the UK building sector of the need to provide a more flexible and sophisticated approach to fire and smoke control,” said product manager Andrew Collard.

“As a result, more people are looking for expert advice and tailor-made solutions that fit their fire safety strategies. They want a sophisticated approach, but one that is also easy to use – and works quickly and automatically in the event of a fire to support the emergency services. It never makes sense to cut corners when it comes to fire safety and using a custom-designed product provides peace of mind and can also deliver major cost savings over the lifecycle of the building by cutting maintenance costs.”

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