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The importance of clean school washrooms

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If we think back to our school days I think we can all remember a time when we were afraid to visit the loo.

School toilets can be extremely daunting particularly for young children if the toilet is dirty, dark and dingy. According to an article in the Nursing Times, children have frequently reported “smelly, dirty or unpleasant toilets in their schools.”

“Create toilets children want to use”
Drinking enough water is key to ensuring that children stay healthy. This means they must have access to toilets that they not only can use but will want to use. Combining bright colours with fun digital prints is one way a school can encourage toilet use.

“Educate children at the same time”
Using a digital print can also be appealing not only visually but also from an educational point of view.

When carrying out research we showed 3 separate groups of infant and primary school children a selection of digital prints. When asked which ones they liked they got particularly excited about the flags of the world and commented that they “would be able to learn the names of some of the countries they had never heard of and their flags.”

“Mental health concerns”
As well as the obvious physical health implications there is also the concern that poor school toilet facilities can have on a child mental wellbeing.

Bullying in school toilets is something that has long been an issue. Lack of privacy whilst using the washrooms is one of the biggest causes of bullying and something which every washroom manufacturer should be able to help combat.

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