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Complete privacy in the school washroom

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If we think back to our school days I think we can all remember a time when we were afraid to visit the loo.

Complete Privacy in a washroom is one way to stamp this feeling out. Almost every child at secondary school now carries a smart phone and the unfortunate truth is that some students are likely to slide phones underneath or above cubicle doors and divisions. As a measure against this cubicle manufacturers should be able to offer completely self-contained units with minimal floor clearance to avoid any likelihood of a camera phone being slid underneath or over the door. Divisions should be completely concealed running in to the ceiling and in to a channel on the floor.

Clearly a self contained cubicle could be daunting in itself but being kept clean, having warm bright lighting and choosing a familiar colour (the colour above is one of St Bartholomew’s House colours) can make the whole experience far less stressful for children.

The other benefit to children of having a set up like the one above is that there is no where for bullies to hide. These cubicles are in a purpose built offshoot of the school corridor so there is no opportunity for children to congregate in private and potentially pick on other children such as often happens in more traditional school washroom environments.

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