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Marmox Multiboards feature in Goodenough bathroom contract

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The total refurbishment of 64 guest bathrooms within a club that has educational links, located on one of London’s most fashionable garden squares, has featured the use of Multiboards, manufactured by Marmox Limited to offer an ideal backing board for wetroom environments.

The Goodenough Club in Bloomsbury offers 4 star accommodation in five linked historic townhouses, close by the British Museum and the Eurotunnel terminus at St. Pancras. The work at the Club has been carried out by Oakside Construction, a London based specialist contractor. Established in 1992, the company specialises in the fit out of wet areas and other interior spaces, as well as general refurbishment work.

Crucially, Oakside’s long experience and director led project strategy enabled it to respond fully for the client’s brief for the rapid refitting of the bathrooms to minimise disruption to the club’s guests and other business activities. Employing the Marmox Multiboards in two different sizes helped speed the work, while ensuring accuracy, together with long term performance. In total Marmox supplied some 1000 square metres of Multiboard in the 2500 x 600 (Longboard) and 1250 x 600 (Standard board) options; at 12.5 and 6mm thickness respectively.

The upgrade of the en-suite bathrooms within the Goodenough Club was completed over a 19 week period earlier this year with a total contact value of close to £1 million. The Project Director for Oakside Construction, Mr. Andy Stratford, commented: “The work we are doing involves refitting all of the en-suite shower areas and in some cases creating new ones. Enclosures are typically framed out and boarded with plywood, before the Marmox Multiboards – in the different thicknesses depending on the build-up - are fixed and taped to provide a waterproof substrate.”

The joints between the boards were covered using Marmox self-adhesive waterproof tape which enables contractors to tile directly over the top; though in this instance the tilers opted to apply a thin skim of the adhesive across the entire surface.

Marmox Multiboards are manufactured from extruded polystyrene or XPS and offer a range of positive physical characteristics in addition to being fully waterproof. They are both light to handle and easy to cut, while still being able to carry substantial loadings if employed as part of a flooring build up. They further offer good acoustic as well as thermal insulation performance.

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