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SBP Library

If you're looking to specify products for your current project, then SBP Library ( is a great place to start.

Suppliers are grouped by product categories - if you want to find the perfect door, then SBP has already done the homework - gathering together the industry's best door suppliers under one roof, with downloadable brochures, technical videos, testimonials, BIM, CPD, case studies and much, much more - saving you that all-important time and energy.

We know that whether you're just starting to think about the numerous components for your project, or whether you're midway through the build of a lifetime, you'll be faced with hundreds if not thousands of decisions to make, and we think that this site can take some of the strain out of the process for you.

So click on the links below to start browsing products and suppliers on SBP Library now. And why not bookmark it in your browser to refer back to throughout your project.

Product Categories: A-Z

Access Acoustics Alarms Antimicrobial solutions Balustrades Bathrooms Bricks, blocks & masonry Canopies, shelters & shading Ceilings Cladding Disability Doors Drainage Energy management Facades Fencing Fire, health & safety Floors & Surfaces Furniture & Fittings Galvanizing Guttering Hinges HVAC/HVP Insulation Kitchens Landscaping Lifts Lighting Metalwork Modular building Paints, coatings & finishes Pumps Rainwater harvesting Refurb & renovation Roofing Security Signage and display solutions Storage systems Street furniture Timber Tools & site Valves Walls Wastewater management Windows Workwear

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