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Energiesprong UK: Game-changing collaboration

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Leading social housing providers, construction companies, trade bodies and expert organisations have come together to form Energiesprong UK – with the intention of creating a 'game-changing' refurbishment sector in the UK, inspired by the Dutch Energiesprong approach.


Energiesprong is a Dutch Government-supported approach to delivering attractive ‘whole house’ refurbishments guaranteed to achieve ambitious energy improvements. So far, the programme has delivered over 800 pilot scale refurbishments and has begun delivery against an agreement between housing associations and builders to refurbish 111,000 houses to net zero energy levels.

Several manufacturers now offer Energiesprong solutions in the Netherlands but all use customised, off-site manufactured walls and roofs, which are pre-fitted with windows and doors. This improved building envelope is complemented by a services module where renewable energy, grid connection and intelligent management provide heat and power. The envelope and services modules are then delivered to the site to refurbish the existing house, thereby not only insulating the building but providing it with a modern, updated look.

Each refurbishment is completed within a week with no need for the occupants to move out and the cost is covered in the long term by the guaranteed energy savings. Energiesprong refurbishments completely eradicate fuel poverty and refurbishing whole terraces or streets dramatically improves the streetscape and regenerates neighbourhoods.

Energiesprong UK aims to transfer the Dutch concept to the UK market with UK companies and supply chains developing competitive Energiesprong solutions. Working together at this early stage will enable all the participants to collectively change the market conditions so that net zero energy housing can become a reality in the UK – at an industrial scale and pace thus making it commercially and environmentally attractive.

Mirroring the Dutch experience, Energiesprong UK aims for:

  • Quality and assured performance - by implementing quality standards, manufacturing and delivery methods, inspection and verification that enable a long-term performance warranty to be offered.
  • Affordability – assured performance, coupled with mass-customised industrialisation and delivery process efficiencies, will reduce costs and allow for the refinancing of the upfront investment. This will be achieved through guaranteed energy cost savings (energy performance contracting), generation of on-site renewables and real estate value improvements and will thus make the solution affordable, independent of public grant.
  • Desirability – low disruption, fast process, improved aesthetics and comfort levels, increased asset value of individual dwellings plus neighbourhood renewal and social impact of mass implementation (hassle-free solution).

Energiesprong UK is managed by Programme Director, Arno Schmickler, and hosted by the National Energy Foundation. Commenting on the formation of Energiesprong UK, Arno Schmickler said: “It’s fantastic that partners from industry and housing have come together to challenge ‘business as usual’. The shared vision to make net zero energy housing a reality and the inspiration provided by the Dutch Energiesprong movement gives us confidence to embark on an exciting journey to transform the refurbishment market in the UK.”

Kerry Mashford, Chief Executive of the National Energy Foundation, added: “The Energiesprong UK initiative really does have the potential to transform completely the way we refurbish homes and neighbourhoods in the UK – providing dramatically improved properties at a scale and pace that we need to fulfil the UK’s CO2 reduction commitments, creating new jobs and boosting economic development through a whole new industry sector. It’s incredibly exciting to be involved at this pivotal period and the National Energy Foundation is delighted to be able to provide a supportive home to enable Energiesprong UK to grow and flourish.”

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