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Stone becomes light and pliable

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ROCKPANEL® Stones is a new range of lightweight, easy to process façade boards with the pure look and feel of stone. The panels offer a visually impressive, economically efficient and environmentally sustainable alternative to conventional façade styles in natural stone or concrete. Furthermore, the flexible panels can be easily applied in a curved façade to create striking structural contours.

A high-end concrete or natural stone façade can enhance any building, giving it a professional appearance. However, the use of stone façades can lead to weight-related construction and static problems which can be challenging and costly to resolve. Where curved or contoured building surfaces are involved, narrow limits are put on the design, if only because of the high processing costs involved, which cannot be overcome even by the use of HPL and fibre cement panels.

A new range of designs that bow to your creativity

The ROCKPANEL product range has now been expanded to include the new ROCKPANEL Stones range, which places virtually no limits on creative building design. The panels, made of long-lasting volcanic basaltic rock, are lightweight, as easy to process as wood and can be bent without pre-treatment but are as sturdy and long-lasting as stone. Frank Weigelt, Head of Group Marketing & Business Development, says: "With the three amazing looks of 'Mineral', 'Basalt‘ and 'Concrete‘, in a total of eleven design variations, architects and designers have a wide range of options available to create visionary façades with an authentic stone appearance."

John Relou, Technical Marketing Manager, adds: "For the first time, the new ROCKPANEL Stones series offers a comfortable solution when designing stone-look façades to address the many challenges in terms of statics, structural physics, sustainability, processing and economic efficiency."

The panel surfaces are coated with a complex, water-based polymer emulsion on the exposed side, ensuring that they remain attractive, colourfast and glossy for years to come. The additional standard ProtectPlus layer protects against graffiti as well as UV rays and possible dirt adhesion. ProtectPlus increases the self-cleaning capacity of the panels and dirt deposits are washed away by rainwater.

Easy and economic processing

Thanks to their light weight – the 8 mm thick panels weigh just 8.4 kg/m² – ROCKPANEL Stones façade panels are particularly suitable for use on high-rise buildings. Easy processing ensures short assembly times making them a cost effective solution. The panels can be mounted on a simple substructure of wood or aluminium. They can be fixed using corrosion-protected screws, nails or blind rivets. Alternatively, a special adhesive can be used. Detailing, for instance to deal with unusual recesses and striking features, can be carried out with precision on site without the need for time consuming preparations. The panels can be adjusted using standard tools which are also suitable for wood.

In addition, the panels can be easily bent onsite, without any special pre-treatment, to form curved and contoured surfaces with a stone or concrete look. Moreover, the panels are almost totally resistant to damp and do not react to temperature fluctuations. This high dimensional stability and shape retention enables optically smooth mounting.

Fire safety

The new ROCKPANEL Stones series offers excellent fire protection too. The Durable and Xtreme versions of the panels correspond to the European building materials class B-s2, d0 (according to EN 13501-1). When mounted on steel or aluminium substructures, the FS-Xtra version of the façade panels fulfil the requirements of the European building materials class A2-s1, d0. As a result, they comply with the most stringent fire protection requirements for the façades of residential and commercial buildings.

Impressively sustainable

Like all ROCKPANEL products, the new series is long-lasting and sustainable and it is almost fully recyclable. This results in an excellent environmental assessment for production, mounting, use and recycling, certified with Green Guide ratings of A+ or A by the British Research Establishment (BRE). The façade panels have an independently and officially confirmed lifespan of 60 years.

ROCKPANEL Stones panels are available in Durable and Xtreme versions (from 100 m²) and the FS-Xtra version (from 100 m²), which offer dimensions of 1,200 mm x 3,050 mm (from 100 m² also 1,250 mm x 2,500 mm) with a panel thickness of 8 mm (FS-Xtra 9 mm).

The new ROCKPANEL Stones series includes three authentic looks, 'Mineral', 'Basalt' and 'Concrete', with a total of eleven design variants. Architects and designers therefore have a wide range available to create visionary façades with a stone look.

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